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Seahawks establish the run with Alex Collins, cut Pittsburgh’s lead to 14-7

Seattle didn’t get anything going in the first half of Sunday’s matchup with Pittsburgh. But the Seahawks came out with a clear objective to start the the third quarter and

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Spaceflight caused DNA to leak out of astronauts’ cell powerhouse

Scientists already knew radiation exposure and a lack of gravity stress the bodies of astronauts. But new research may offer a better idea of what’s driving some of that. It’s

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Burberry’s new CEO Akeroyd returns to British roots

British fashion house Burberry (BRBY.L) named Jonathan Akeroyd as its new chief executive officer from next April, poaching the boss of Milan-based Gianni Versace and former Alexander McQueen head to

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Valve rolls out a beta patch for Half-Life 2, includes long-awaited bug fixes and Vulkan support

Valve, and most other game developers, typically don’t give much attention to its legacy titles, like Left 4 Dead, Portal, and the Half-Life series (barring Alyx). The company might fix

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Mum demands refund as son’s school Kickers fall apart after just days of wear

A mum was left fuming after her son’s new school shoes fell apart after just days of wear. Dominique Scully purchased two pairs of the Kickers for £74, for her

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