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Travelling for long periods of time is almost never a comfortable experience, but it can be even worse if you nod off to sleep in your seat as you can find yourself waking up to nasty neck ache.

But one woman on TikTok might just have the answer to saving you from pain – and it doesn’t involve a travel pillow.

Posting under the username @hellokristen, the woman said in her video: “Guys, I came up with one of the best ideas of my life.

“I don’t know if anyone else has done it before but this came straight from my brain on my last flight.”

The woman went on to explain that she’d tried various neck pillows but found she still woke up in pain – which is when her idea struck her.

She added: “I have purchased five different travel neck pillows and they all suck. I wish something would just hold my neck in place – kind of like a neck brace.

“So, then I had an epiphany – why don’t I just buy a neck brace?”

The neck brace the woman bought only set her back by $7 (£5), and has been a lifesaver for her travel trips.

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She said: “I bought one from Walmart for around $7. It’s a foam cervical collar and they come in all different sizes for your different sized necks.

“When you lay back, your neck’s not going anywhere!”

And the woman isn’t worried about how she looks wearing the neck brace.

She explained: “If I’m travelling for more than eight hours, I do not care how I look, it is all about comfort.

“And to be honest, if you get a dark colour, it doesn’t look that ridiculous, and you can wear a big sweater or put a scarf around it to cover it up.”

The woman’s video has over 151,000 views, and people can’t get enough of her genius hack.

One person wrote: “Best idea ever! Avid traveller here and it’s a great idea! Exactly what I want in comfort!”

While another said: “People are literally going to ask where you got your neck pillow. I guarantee it. That looks so comfy.”

And a third posted: “Good idea! My neck is too long for the travel pillows, they just do nothing for me.”